Sunday, July 29, 2007

Conversations with the Lord

This, and many other articles to come, arise from spending time with the Lord in prayer and conversation. The messages are, of course, too rich not to be shared.

· You cannot pacify people and be effective. You must electrify people to be effective.

· Do you think that any one of the Saints would have chosen the lives they had? They followed the Lord and became what He needed for the Kingdom’s work. That is the highest calling—to be what the Lord calls you to be; to serve the Lord, no matter what.

· Under the old covenant, God’s people lived under God’s law. Under the new covenant, we live free of the law, but we live with responsibility to take an active role in the Kingdom. Greater is our responsibility than theirs, and greater is the grace.

· It’s the Lord’s way, not our way. It’s the Lord’s timing, not our timing. He leads. We follow. We have the power to do what he has gives us to do without strain or worry. He opens doors. We walk through those doors by faith.

· Earnestly seek the pure love of the Holy Father. That is the love that led the Lord to the cross. That is the love that allowed Him to bear the sin of the world. That is the love that gives us the strength to endure all things.

· Love is what changes people. Love is what draws others to Christ. Love is what heals us and others. We are to bring His love to others.

· There is nothing that is untouched by God. There is nothing outside of His domain. Everything that we do merits God’s attention—e v e r y t h i n g.

· People are not drawn to religion.
People are not drawn to church.
People are drawn to the Lord.

· In the Scriptures, nothing is left undone. Every word, every message is meaningful in multiple ways on multiple levels. To discern the meaning, we must have eyes to see and a heart to understand.

· Contrary to popular opinion, we cannot live and let live. We live for the Lord. It's our job to step on toes.

· Don't preach to the choir, preach to the lost. Few unbelievers find their way to church. We must go to them with the Lord's message wherever they are. Sunday isn't the only day to save souls. Any day is a good day to bring the lost home.

· The Father doesn't want to lose any who are called. Our responsibility is to call them in the Lord's name, through His cross, and bring them home.