Monday, January 21, 2008

Every Day Thoughts

· The promises of the Bible are ours, but we must claim them. To claim the promises, we must read His Word, write it in our hearts, memorize it, and be ready to speak it at any time.

· He can pick up the pieces of our failures, shine them, and make them whole again. He can work even the worst situations for good—for His glory.

· Relax. We have the power of Christ. We have the power to do what He has given us to do. There is no need to strain or worry—we only have to follow.

· Rest in His peace. That’s where we hear Him better. That’s where we see Him better. That's where He teaches us. In His peace is life and breath. In His peace is everything we need.

· If He wanted us to conform to everyone else, He would have used a cookie cutter. He made you the way you are for a reason. Bring your richness and vitality to His Kingdom and to His church. The Lord doesn’t need more dead doornails. He needs people who will move out with courage, who will take on the Great Commission with gusto. Do not shrink back. Do not fear criticism. Keep moving forward. Keep doing what He tells you to do.

· The gifts of the Father will always exceed our expectations because He is purely righteous; He is purely love.

· There is nothing that is not touched by God. There is nothing outside His dominion.

· God is a God of details. Everything that you do merits God’s attention—everything.

· Think about it—every word we speak we will account for to Him. Every single word.

· Pray that we as Christians will love fearlessly. We cannot love and be afraid. Fear cancels out love. Pray to have His love, to live His love, to bring His love to others.