Sunday, February 7, 2010

When Independence Is Weakness

By Charlotte Lowrie

For a good part of my life, I fought fiercely to be independent. I was determined that I would depend on no one else, and that I would always make my own way. Dependence was a sign of weakness, and I didn’t want to be weak.

Of course, after I achieved independence, I worried about maintaining my independence. I was watchful for anything that could infringe on me being able to take care of myself. When I decided to be self-employed, it was hard to concentrate on the current project because I always looking for the next job, looking for new ways to make money, and looking for ways to save money.

Then I accepted Christ, and everything changed. I remember one morning at my desk. I was smiling and full of His joy, despite not having a single paying project on the horizon. Somehow, it didn’t matter. As I saw and experienced His unfailing provision over and over, I gladly gave up my independence. His provision is so much richer and more joyful than what I provided for myself.

As a young Christian, one of the first things I understood is that everything belongs to Him. I am only a steward of the blessings that He has generously provided. More important, I know that dependence is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength as I cling to the Source of life. In Him are all things. In Him, I become strong. The Lord taught me that by not depending on Him, I cut myself off from the very source of life, and I become weak.

I learned that my talents are best used in His presence, for He is the source of all my talents. And I know that my talents should be used for His glory alone. Not my glory, but for His glory.

When I think about what He has given me, I know that I will never use the talents and abilities that He has given me unless I completely depend on Him.

Today, I know that independence is weakness. True strength is complete dependence on Him.

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