Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recent Insights on Following Christ

Periodically, I post snippets from the time that I spend every day with the Lord. I’ll continue that tradition with this post that includes some of the latest insights from the Lord.

  • Being a spendthrift goes contrary to the gift of giving. When I think that there is barely enough, it limits dreams and actions. He owns everything. There is always enough because the Kingdom is limitless.
  • Worry is useless. Rather, let the thoughts of the past fall away. “Walk forward in faith, trusting Me to provide all things. The burden is Mine, not yours, and I am able.”
  • I see my faults. The Lord sees how much He loves me. Together, the Lord and I always work through my shortcomings because the Lord concentrates on His love for me rather than on how short I fall. “Concentrating on love makes all the difference. And, likewise, you must also concentrate on your love of others, not their faults.”
  • If you know what “resting in His peace” means, then you know that it is a profound experience. I believe that resting in His peace is resting in the Source of life. Sometimes I think that tension is the glue that holds the events of the day together. But it’s not true. He is the glue that holds everything together. “In His peace, all things work together perfectly. There is no tension. Tension is the antithesis of peace, and of all having all things work together. There is no tension in His presence; there is tension only in the presence of man. In the Kingdom, there is only one struggle, and that struggle is against satan and his armies.”
  • It’s not how much we have, but what we do with what we have that’s important.
  • “You don’t have to take on the world-only what I’ve give you. Be where you are fully present, and that is enough.”
  • Are we near the end of times in human time terms or in heavenly time terms? “Both. Be prepared. Be doing what I’ve given you to do. Be watchful. Do not be surprised when the end comes, for it will come swiftly and without warning. Do not worry. Do what I’ve given you to do, and you will be accountable at the end of times. It means that you will have done what I gave you to do. Do it well. Lean on Me in all things.”
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