Monday, May 31, 2010

More Insights from Prayer

One of the beautiful things about walking with the Lord is His way of teaching me every day just exactly what I need to know. Sometimes I have the urge to understand everything about a problem, concern, or even an area of interest that is on my mind. But the Lord reminds me that He shows me the way as I need to be shown.

I know myself well enough to also know that even if He showed me everything at once, I would likely not remember it all. But when I’m shown what I need to know as it relates to my situation, then I remember it well. His way is always perfect.

And here are some recent insights from prayer time that I hope will be helpful and encouraging to you.

  • It’s important to walk strong in His victory—the victory won on the cross and with His resurrection. The Kingdom needs those who are strong—those who can walk strong in His victory.
  • Being “in the will of the Lord” means doing every day what He gives us to do. Very often, my daily work seems unrelated to Kingdom goals. But the Lord reminds me that I may not know how my work serves Him, but He knows, and that is enough.
  • “Our creativity works together—what I’ve instilled in you, and what I inspire you with. That is how the gift works.”
  • “Stay where I have placed you. Do not be anxious about other things, or you will miss what I have for you here.”
  • Do not crowd out your creativity with too many thoughts. Give it space and time. Let it breathe.
  • You are in only one place at a time. Be there completely and fully.
  • You forgive the person, not the act.
  • “In all things, I am able.” Amen.