Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Is Christmas About?

It isn't about black Friday or consumer spending.
It isn't about tinsel, garland, or decorated trees.
It isn't about Santa Claus.
It isn't about a snowy white day.

It is about the birth of the Son of God.
It is about the Lord Jesus Christ, and no other.
It is about a revolutionary new covenant that reconciles mankind with God.
It is about the light that Jesus brings in a world of darkness.

It isn't about sugar cookies, homemade fudge, or peanut brittle.
It isn't about holiday parties or velvet dresses.
It isn't about covered casseroles, eggnog, or hot toddies.
It isn't about the number or cost of the gifts that we give.

It is about letting His light shine in our lives.
It is about living the change that He's made in our lives every single day.
It is about the rising, irrepressible joy in our hearts knowing that
It is about the Savior who is coming again.