Sunday, August 5, 2012

Embracing Change

By Charlotte Lowrie

The saying goes, “Change is a only constant in life.” And in many cases, change is the one thing we dread and resist most. Unless the current situation is uncomfortable and painful, many people would rather maintain the status quo than face the uncertainty of change.

But change is the single thing that keeps life fresh and alive. As the Lord told me, "Without change, you would wither and die. With change, you move forward and breathe new air."

I learned the effect of change recently. The change meant the loss of the work -- work that I've had for the past half-dozen years, and work that I wanted to keep. But it wasn't to be.

It took some talks with the Lord to realize that I should welcome change rather than dwell on what I'd lost and resist the change. I quickly realized that I had been praying to get more work, and, of course, the Lord already knew that I need more work. I really needed to welcome the change as a new and exciting opportunity. Now I pray that I will learn all that the Lord has for me to learn during this change. The Lord reminded me, "Change is only hard because you resist it." And I would add that wherever the change leads us, we know that the Lord will never lead us astray.

So if we examine the change that comes our way, and if we determine that is come from the Lord, then we should, as the Lord suggested, welcome change, and embrace what He has for us next, even if we cannot see it yet.