Sunday, November 25, 2012

Encouraging Your Creativity

By Charlotte Lowrie

Some of the most popular posts on this Web site are those that focus on creativity. That’s not surprising to me because creativity is one of our natural connections with God. He is, after all, the Master Creator, and he instilled within us the need and desire to be creative. Thus, creativity is really an awakening of what God instilled within us.

Our work is not only to encourage and express our creativity, but also to avoid blocking creativity. There are many ways to block creativity, and some of the ways are inherent in the very process of being creative.

fall trees shade a pathway
A pathway shaded by splendid fall maple trees. 
The primary creativity block is the desire to follow the crowd, as I mentioned in an earlier article. But this block deserves a second mention. When we follow the crowd, we seek the approval of the crowd rather than seeking the approval of the Lord. And the Lord’s approval is the only approval that matters. If you have worked with the Spirit of the Lord guiding your work, then you likely know the moments when the Lord provides an idea or technique. It's those moments when you know immediately that what He has given you is “just perfect.” Those are the blessed creative moments that we seek in all of our work.

Ultimately, regardless of what our creative work is, we can only imitate what God first created. But as the Lord reminded me, “Through imitation, you learn of Me.”

In whatever we create, we must be certain that it it is 'alive.' This seems like a strange statement, and it’s best explained by thinking of doing something over and over again. For example, updating a base-level book multiple times eventually becomes a life-less task. When we recognize the lifelessness of the task, it is a sure sign that it’s time to do something new—something that is alive. The Lord reminded me that “Nothing is dead and lifeless in the heavenlies. It is all alive.”

Another way to block creativity is by rejecting what our imagination creates. The imagination is our inborn creative channel. We tend to be harsh judges, especially of ideas that are much different from the earthly norm. Plus when we censor and reject ideas, we are judging by earthly standards. Instead, remember that we have the DNA of God within us, and what we reject, He may recognize as being worthwhile. When we reject our imaginative ideas, we close the door to our creative channel.

Every day, your life is a blank canvas waiting for you to create what is good and pleasing to the Lord. Nothing is impossible with God, so you can create whatever you can dream. Your only limits are self-imposed. 

Dream God-worthy dreams and trust Him to supply all that you need. His arm is not too short.