Sunday, January 21, 2007

He Is with Us, Whether or Not We Pay Attention

Recently, I went out to photograph a snowy landscape. As I futzed with the camera controls, the Lord silently positioned the clouds across the sun to create a brilliant, horizontal ray of sunlight that reached precisely to the tip of the snow-covered tree that I was photographing. I didn't notice the light ray until I processed the image on my computer. And there it was, the finger of God as a ray of light reaching across the sky to light the tree top. As with other times, I failed to see His touch until later. When I saw the ray of light and the perfect shaping of the clouds around the tree, I knew that He had been there with me--as always, faithful to reveal His majesty.

The Lord is always there, whether or not we pay attention.

For example, look at the slender fir branch holding a chunk of snow two or three times its own weight. If you look closely, you see that God creates the perfect tension, the perfect balance of weight, temperature, and position to defy the laws of gravity.

And if the Lord can do this with trees and snow, how much more can He create a perfect balance in our lives?


Bryan said...

Great story and so footprints in the sand...He is always there with us, we just have to have patience and Faith. If we slow down enough to take the time to stop, look and listen He will continually amaze us with "Wows".

Great shot.

Bryan said...

I think this blog is a good opportunity for brothers and sisters in Christ to share unique epxeriences that have impacted their lives.

It is important for us to share our experiences with each other. All to often we get down or feel like things are going like that ought to or get depressed or whatever scenario you want to describe. We have all been there. So many times I have been uplifted by fellowship with other Christians. They help me put things back in perspective. It's never as bad as you think, it can alway be worse and there is a lesson in all of it. Once you learn the lesson, God allows you to move to the next level in this journey we call life.

I look forward to hearing and sharing in the weeks and months to come.