Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We Are the Dot on God's Timeline of History

In our small group, we have the privilege to study Beth Moore’s amazing video series on the book of Daniel. The second half of the 12-week course focuses on the prophetic chapters of Daniel.

Through history, we know that Daniel's prophecies have come to pass as the world moved from the golden age of Babylon, to the silver age of the Medo-Persian empire, to the bronze age of the Grecian empire, and then to the iron-and-clay Roman empire. And now, we are in Church Age as we wait for the remainder of Daniel’s vision to be fulfilled.

This short history recap may sound innocuous.

In fact, you may be yawning.

But as Beth Moore points out with stunning urgency:

WE are the current dot on God’s timeline of history.

There are no more empires waiting in the wings--only the end times await us.

Stifle the yawn because this means that:

  • This is the age.

  • This is the time.

  • This is the hour.

  • This is the moment to shine for Christ.

We are literally the Light of the World that Jesus spoke of.

That means you.
That means me.
Right here.
Right now.

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