Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What Could We Do If We Didn’t Think We Can’t?

By Charlotte Lowrie

A friend was telling us that she has no luck growing plants. Knowing this, she takes her plants to the preschool where she works, and the children water the plants for her. She described how the children keep pouring in water until the plants are flooded. Regardless of the drenching, the plants thrive under the children’s care.

It occurred to me that the plants thrive because the children don’t know yet that they can’t grow plants. How much more could we do for the Lord if we didn’t ‘know’ (or think) that we can’t?

And with that, here are a few recent thoughts on living every day for Christ.

· You get to keep what you give away. Has the Lord blessed you? Then give away blessings. Has the Lord healed you? Then give away healing. Has the Lord taught you? Then teach others. Everything He has given you, give away to others--never counting the cost.

· The Lord takes care of you even when you’re not looking.

· Get over the shock about evil deeds and acts. Satan is evil. Evil is as ugly as it gets regardless of how prettily it is disguised. The Lord didn’t mince words about satan. The everyday struggle against evil is a life-and-death battle of epic proportions.

· Recent conversation. Question: Why can’t my faith move mountains? Answer: Have you tried to move mountains? And if you tried, would you believe that you could?

· Have you counted up the works of the Lord in your life lately? If you look only at individual works, you’ll learn only individual lessons. But if you look at the whole of it, you’ll realize the big messages that the Lord is speaking in your life.

· Speak of the Lord with boldness. Be strong, be forceful. After all, the stakes ARE life or death.

· Get out of your personal box. You are bigger than your circumstances, bigger than your career, bigger than your problems, and bigger than your finances. You are bigger because God is bigger.

· Look beyond immediate needs and problems. Get a vivid vision of God's Kingdom and what He needs you to do in that Kingdom.

· Humility is not self-deprecation. Humility is genuine when our sins sicken us as they sicken the Father.

· Every single day, claim the promises, rights, and privileges of being a child of God, and claim the power that comes from serving our risen Savior!

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