Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Perfect Christmas Gift

The day of Christmas dawns.
We celebrate the gift of the Father,
His only Son, Jesus Christ,
Come to earth to live among us;
Mighty in strength,
Full of love,
Full of righteousness.

He came to bear our burdens,
To lift us up
From our trouble.
He came that we may have life;
The life the Father intended
From the beginning,
The life that leads from
Glory to glory.

It is the Father’s heart that
None would be lost,
But that all would come to Him,
Reconciled and redeemed,
Worthy of sharing His great glory.

He gave the gift in love,
A love greater than we can imagine,
A love that stretches through eternity.
The only requirement is that we believe.
And in believing, we have life,
Life that springs from the Father,
Life that is ever-lasting.

As Christmas dawns,
Think on that gift.
Think on the Holy Son of the Father.
He came freely,
And at no cost to you or to me.
He came that you might have life.
Think on it.
Rejoice in it.
Share it with others.

So great a gift.
So great a love.
Can we do less
Than praise and honor Him
Now and forever?

Can we step outside ourselves
And celebrate this great gift?
For only if we step outside of ourselves,
Will we see the true gift of Christmas
That was brought to all of mankind.
And having seen it,
We see that we must
Live this gift of love in our lives.

We did nothing to deserve such a gift,
Nor can we earn it.
Rather it is ours to receive,
To live, and to share.

A transforming gift of love;
A gift that never wears out,
A gift that grows more beautiful
With use year after year.

Celebrate with JOY
This matchless gift from God.
Dance and sing with abandon
For you will never receive
Anything of greater value
Than the gift of that first Christmas—
Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

There is only one God,
And He reigns eternal.

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