Sunday, March 29, 2009

Living to Show Christ In Our Lives

By Charlotte Lowrie

When I think back to when I accepted the Lord, I wasn’t convinced by someone testifying to me or by listening to a sermon. I had heard a lot of sermons growing up in a Christian home. I had been witnessed to, and, before I strayed from the Lord, I had witnessed to others.

That time away from the Lord was long—around 30 long years. In those years, I worked to acquire status, a modicum of fame, and worldly possessions. In short, I had it all.

Then I interviewed a professional photographer for a feature article that I was writing. During the one-hour telephone interview, I was struck again and again by the photographer’s profound peace. I couldn’t “see” his peace, but I could hear and sense his peace. By the end of the interview, I had only one burning question—how had he achieved peace?

In response, the photographer told me about the religions that he’d encountered during his worldwide travels. And then he told me that he was a Christian—a Christian who grew up in a country where Christianity is a minority faith. He told me quietly. He didn’t ask me if I was a believer. He didn’t try to convert me. He answered my question simply. And still his profound peace hung heavily in the air.

When we hung up, I was determined to find that peace for myself. I had everything that I needed and wanted, and I considered myself to be happy. But after experiencing this man’s peace, I knew that I wanted that kind of peace.

I set about studying different religions—Western, Middle Eastern, you name the religion, I explored it. I read books. I talked to different people. But nothing rang completely true. Finally, I decided that I should give the Bible another chance. I began reading. And as I read, and over a period of weeks, I knew that the right and true answer was Christ. My decision came slowly, but the first gifts were a profound peace and abiding joy.

I recount this story because in study and prayer this morning, the Lord reminded me:

“The life you live testifies louder than words. Live that others may see Me.”

And that is my prayer.