Monday, July 13, 2009

Continuing Insights on Following the Lord

The great joy in following Christ is the continual learning -- learning how to live in the Kingdom, how to follow, how to reorient thinking, responding, working, how to live as a child of the King. And here are snippets of continuing insights from Bible study and talking with the Lord each day. I hope that these insights resonate with you as they have with me.

  • The life you live testifies louder than words. Live so that others see Christ in you.

  • It's not what happens but how you respond to it that makes the eternal difference--for you and for others.

  • If you do everything with a heart of love, you'll have no regrets.

  • Every single thing is transformed in His presence.

  • There are 365 "Fear not's" in the Bible--one for every day of the week.


Unknown said...

I have been touched by your photography and spiritual insight. More later

Charlotte said...

That means so much. Thank you, Phil.